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OMG! This Aged-Care Facility in Petaling Jaya will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Special thanks to Mrs Y for the article contribution.

If you have parents who are bored, feeling lonely, or seeking any form of Aged Care Services, you need to read this!


Humble on the outside, luxurious on the inside.

This was exactly what we felt when we visited this piece of haven nestled in the heart of Petaling Jaya for the very first time. My friends would text me daily to go see this place for dad who has dementia but never could do so due to MCO. Finally, we dropped by last week. To our amazement, this 14,000 sq ft place is filled with warmth, beauty and tranquility.

Golden Roots Elder Care Centre offers independent living and assisted living in a resort-styled home. It is a must-visit for elders who are looking for care options to suit their needs. Our health needs may vary or change over time and if they do, it is good to know that there are such havens like these which exist, especially in Malaysia. It's comforting to know that we singles or couples at different stages of our health can be cared for by the Golden Roots Team headed by Senior Matron Ms Cordelia Koon aka DD.

Did you know that they even have an Indoor Zen-Garden? This spot blew our mind! We sat there, stunned for minutes, whilst being caressed by the soothing rhythmic oldies playing on the background. Not forgetting the exclusive fitted forest-feel, blue light therapy ceiling above! It is a sight to behold.

According to the owners, Pradeep & Adam Teoh, this portion of the resort-styled home is to encourage the residents who lack mobility to witness a piece of nature, while being indoors. How sweet & thoughtful. Pradeep explains further that the restorative effects of nature support mental health and well-being. In older adults, studies show that physical activity in green spaces can be linked to better moods, decreased chance of depression, reduced stress levels and improved cognitive function. Interesting and very fascinating-kan?

Studies show that physical activity in green spaces can be linked to better moods, decreased chance of depression, reduced stress levels and improved cognitive function.

We were then ushered to the living room and dining area.

Gosh, this area was another stunner-lah!

Remember that moment in Beauty & The Beast where Belle dined with her future lover for the first time? Almost the same setting! I'm young and only in my forties, and now I wish to be here! Adam and Pradeep then smiled and said that they built and refurbished this place with one vision in mind and that was to build a haven that even they would want to live in when they retire. They then further explained that they had begun operations only 2 weeks ago officially due to the lockdown and had since been receiving numerous amount of calls about their services and 5 star facilities. Tai Chi, QiGong, Yoga, Mahjong are amongst the residents favourite activities here.

We then had a chat with Matron Cordelia Koon @ Sister Didi (picture below)

She was packing medications and ensuring all residents nutritious meals were being prepared on time. Such a warm lady with full of joy and laughter. Mind you, this is a feeling you get throughout your visit there. Didi explained that the GR staff is trained to use non-drug approaches as much as they can and further encourage the residents to participate in physio, light exercises and creative arts. This helps to maintain good health and also prolongs cognitive degeneration. We also got to find out that Sister Didi knew many mutual doctor friends of ours as she was posted to many hospitals and was even trained in India for 6 months before her appointment as Matron at Golden Roots. She then proceeds to say that she loves her job and the kind management of GR as they have acknowledged all her patient requests and provided comprehensive solutions with a constant smile.

Sister Didi then escorted us to the most important part of the setting, the rooms! Walao-eh. See the pic for yourself. Exactly how we felt! We personally like Lily Suites (Twin Sharing). They do have a few options to choose from like Lavender and Rafflesia Suites which are totally customizable to the way you want it to be.

We urge those keen on sourcing for aged care services for your loved ones, to contact Golden Roots as spaces are limited and they accept only 14 residents max. If you are lucky, you might get the twin sharing which is our favourite too that we chose for dad.

For enquiry and tour related:

Click link below:

For aged care services:

Pradeep +6010 881 8806

Adam Teoh +6016 338 1129

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