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Dr R Balaram

Chairman & Head of Advisory Panel

Golden Roots Elder Care Centre (GRECC)

Meet Dr Balaram. A senior physician with experience of more than 43 years in the healthcare sector who has a keen interest in geriatrics. Dr Balaram is currently the chairman and head of advisory panel of Golden Roots.

When it comes to healthcare, I think we all appreciate the tremendous benefits of specialization. The same holds true when caring for older adults. Geriatrics is an area of specialty focused on promoting healthy aging, with attention to function and quality of life, all grounded in person-centered care and framed by each individual's preferences and values. There isn't a better time for our industry and indeed the community at large, to talk about a better ageing future in Malaysia.

Our purpose is to promote a unique experience of choice, lifestyle and belonging for all people as they age. We understand the importance of lifestyle and community which is why our services encompass personal and clinical care, diverse leisure programs, and support for emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

As we age, we realise that life's unique journey makes us who we are. At Golden Roots, we seek to nurture each individual. Our compassionate staff are there to support you as your needs change. From maintaining your independence with home care and retirement living, to the comforts of residential aged care, we are with you all the way. Be in touch with ou r friendly consultants and they would be more than happy to assist. Just as each person is unique, so too should be the care you receive. We thrive to provide person-centred care in a home-like environment while supporting your independence.  Enjoy a rich and social life with a wide range of activities such as exercise programs, outings, games, craft, chess, singing groups, knitting, and movie nights. We are more than just a home! Wherever you may be on life's journey, your well-being will always be a priority at Golden Roots. 

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