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Post-Operative & Rehab Care


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Post Operative & Rehab Care is mostly suitable for people who are transiting from a hospital to a home, and are vulnerable to many health problems like joint pains, muscle weakness, reduced endurance, loss of balance leading to frequent falls, reduced cardio-pulmonary endurance and many others.


One of the most common problems that the elderly face is loss of self-confidence to do prescribed exercises until unless properly guided by a competent Physiotherapist


Paralysis, Parkinson's and Arthritis are some common conditions that elders experience. Therapeutic exercises are a very important  part of Rehab Care. At Golden Roots, we have brought a unique care physiotherapy program that includes

  • Pain Management

  • Muscle Strengthening

  • Improving Flexibility

  • Improving co-ordination

  • Improved Activities of Daily Living

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