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WOW! What Amazing Rehabilitation for Mr William - Spinal Cord Injury & Trauma Patient.

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Rehab Recovery Program that is customised and tailor-made for various complexities only @ Golden Roots Elder Care Centre.

It was an unfortunate incident that Mr William had to go thru and this memory of his will remain forever a devastating and traumatic one.

Before: Mr William was an avid diver and enjoyed sports

Rushed to the hospital with minimal hope only to expect a life-changing experience thereon. Mr William was admitted to our facility and was registered into our EMR system as a complex case. He couldn’t stand, eat and was experiencing excruciating pain almost every minute of the day. Our team of specialists in Golden Roots felt horrible for him and had multiple discussions with our senior physicians, physiotherapists and nurses to discuss a complete rehabilitation program to help with Mr William’s recovery.

After the incident: Mr William was almost paralysed waist down.

We started him on a specially customised program and weeks later, to our surprise, he began to show promising improvement. Mr William’s program was a tweak from the regular Stroke & Rehabilitation programs that we offer for our Stroke Patients @ Golden Roots.

Witness the video below on his personal testimonial as we proudly dive into the journey of recovery.

Mr William is now a contented man. Happiness is important in our daily life, but it matters even more during Recovery. True happiness gives us a reason to stay in Recovery and gives us the motivation we need to overcome any fear or trauma.

Why is it important to seek for rehabilitation options after a traumatic incident?

After a spinal cord injury, you'll need spinal cord injury rehabilitation to optimize recovery and perhaps adapt to a new way of life. Golden Root’s comprehensive spinal cord injury rehabilitation program works to:

  • Meet your ongoing needs

  • Provide emotional support

  • Improve your physical, mental and emotional functioning

  • Provide spinal cord injury-specific education and resources

  • Help you successfully re-enter your community.

Golden Root’s rehabilitation program treats people with all causes of traumatic or nontrauma injuries

For more info on our services, WhatsApp us @ +6010 881 8806

Or click the link below to get started on your recovery journey

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